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But that expertise doesn’t just apply to throw pillows.

Visiting this week, the 75-year-old businesswoman confessed she’s found the perfect recipe to a happy personal life—and it’s not what you’d think.

Until then, it will just be the same guy with a different name.3.

If you can work on your assertiveness and confidence, you will find a relationship with someone who respects you. A man who genuinely wants to spend time getting to know you will put in the effort.6. OK, this isn't a concrete rule, but the point is that you should not accept a date on Wednesday or Thursday for that weekend.

is an animated comedy series chronicling the misguided attempts at parenthood of Rudi Wilson (Longoria), a disgraced former music exec, as she transitions from the towers of Manhattan to the carpool lane of suburbia.

I realized that it had very little to do with the men, but more to do with how the women approached dating.

How does this show compare to the other late-night cartoon comedies(like Adult swim, Toon at Night, etc.)? The show is about Mark Dexler chilling with his 2 roomies Woody and VJ and gal pal Sam, and their quests for getting drunk and chasing tail.

With such a simple story base it allows writers to be very creative with hijinks and the story, with a very anything can happen nature.

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It is heartbreaking to see them make the same mistakes over and over again.