Online dating the dark underused secrets

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One Lonely Widower…Rohn Lerner is a successful Oklahoma rancher.He’s old enough to know what he likes, and still young enough to enjoy it. He’s not ready to date, but he needs someone to share a meal with as badly as someone to warm his bed. A blazing sun, a band of clouds, an occasional airplane.It doesn't look like much, but you know there's more than meets the eye.Both are constantly expanding and changing—and completely misunderstood.

One Woman with a Secret…Bonnie Martin fled her Oklahoma home years ago, leaving behind her abusive father, and Rohn, the lost love she never forgot.But make sure you use the ones with a nose :-) , rather than those without :) Here, Kate Taylor, a relationship expert with - the world's biggest dating site - gives the ultimate guide finding that special someone online: DO Use a photo Profiles with pictures receive 16 times more responses than those without. Women who look directly into the camera for their profile picture receive far more responses than women who look away. We don't know why - could it be women prefer a more brooding, distracted man?The most successful photos are taken in daylight, using an SLR camera (not a smartphone), and show just one person, not a group. Include a photo of you engaged in an interesting activity Like playing an instrument, a sport, or in an unusual location.Sony SRS-XB40 has a built-in multi-coloured line light, speaker lights and a flashing strobe.It features 24 hours of battery life and claims to be a 'mini-disco on the move'.

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