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There was nothing here at all when she arrived here more than 50 years ago, but Beth and her husband Andrew set to work to turn this into the paradise that survives today - seven acres of joy, created out of a neglected hollow that was boggy in parts and arid as a desert elsewhere.

Together they pioneered the idea of using plants adapted by nature to problem places, using shade-loving plants in areas with little direct light and drought-tolerant plants in dry places.

A bitterly-cold and showery April day is not the best day to visit gardens, but even this early in the season, when spring is running a little late, the Beth Chatto Gardens are looking stunning - filled with promise for the new season!

Seven acres of joy, created out of a once-neglected hollow between two farms, where Beth Chatto has worked wonders.

Beth Chatto has influenced and inspired thousands of people through her gardening and writing.

This exhibition, which took place in the Autumn of 2008, explored the story of the gardens that she began to create around her newly-built home in 1960.

The impact of the lush green growth there is almost overpowering.

Reflect awhile at Beth Chatto’s water garden with its huge gunnera towering above a hundred shades of emerald.

Breathe in the heady scents at RHS Hyde Hall and get carried away to distant shores. Why not take a few hours out to wander round some of our county’s most picturesque plots, or plan a whole day out at one of its larger estates?

Beth Chatto Gardens began in 1960 from overgrown wasteland with poor gravel soil and boggy hollows.

It has now been transformed into an informal garden harmonising with the surrounding countryside.

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