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"She could see the chatroom he was using and decided to catch him out by creating a profile of her own to use the same internet site.

"Her husband had no idea but soon he was chatting with his own wife, believing it was a 14-year-old girl.

"She had decided to pose as a schoolgirl to confirm her fears." He used a webcam to carry out acts of indecency on himself, which his wife could see on her computer as she was just yards away.

The court heard she did not confront her husband but called in the NSPCC and the police instead.

The first customer [I had said], "What I want you to do is masturbate until you squirt all over." At the time I was like, "Uh, what is squirting? I might have let him down but he seemed like a happy customer.In the modern era, relationships have gone to the level of being physically intimate in a long distance relationship and for that, the technology has boomed their means of being close enough.This short film called 'Webcam Chat- Shocking Climax' demonstrate the harsh reality of the wrong use of technology when a private chat between a boyfriend and a girlfriend got exposed on a adult site.The virtual world is full of relationships being blown off on online video chat.It's like youngsters nowadays cannot wait for the right time to come and act.

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